Sampler Pack

Sampler Pack

Unsure or not in the mood to make a decision? Try our sampler Pack! All products are quick and easy to prepare... You'll be glad you did! (click to view contents)


Save $10.00

2- Ground Beef (1 lb Pkgs) 1- Small Whole Chicken (3.4 lbs or less) 1- Pkg Pork Loin Chops (2 chops per pkg) 1- Pkg Pork Hotdogs (8 franks per pkg)

You can substitute any items for other items on the list. 

Ex: If you don't like hotdogs, we might look at you funny but, you can substitute the hotdogs

with another package of Loin Chops or a beef or chicken option. 

If you want to customize your Sampler Pack you need to write us a note in the "comments" section of your order stating what you want.