From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence

The above photo was taken this past spring, the first day the cows were back to work, preparing for a summer of daily moves onto fresh green grass.

They remind me of a bunch of kids, bored, waiting for the bus to take them to camp.  

Are you ready for Real Food?

Are you tired of questioning the integrity of labels?

Are you tired of hearing about our industrial food system destroying the planet?

Do you want to support a system that returns life to otherwise unproductive land?

Do you want to support a system that treats animals humanely and with respect?

Do you want to feel good about the food you are eating?

Do you want to feel better because of the food you are eating?

As you think about these things, go to the website of a meat, dairy or poultry product that you have in your kitchen... Can you find a real photograph of how that product was raised, grown or produced?  Not a picture of a big red barn with rolling green pastures, an actual picture of that so called farm.  You can text me any day of the week requesting a picture of any animal on my farm in real time, and with the exception of having poor cell service in New Marlborough, I will send that picture to you asap.  That is what knowing your farmer is...That is what knowing what you are buying looks like.  And that is how you feed yourself and your loved ones with confidence!  There are no growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, gmo's, bleach baths, artificial flavors or nutrients injected or any other nonsense added on our farm... Our meats are natural, organic, free range, cage free, grass fed, pasture raised, and whatever other catchy name you can come up with... bottom line, our meats can be best describe with three words- Clean, Real and Honest.

When you vote with your food dollar for local systems, you are speaking out with a voice that does not fall on deaf ears.  Every dollar spent at this farm allows us to continue our work of rebuilding soil, sequestering carbon, growing abundant and healthy food supplies for our friends, neighbors and families, and providing a cleaner world for our children.  We don't need to wait for the powers that be to come up with a solution, we can start fixing this mess immediately!  Make your voice count.  Support Real agriculture by supporting local, regenerative agriculture and you will be amazed at how good it makes you feel!

How It Works

1 Sign Up

Create your free account and choose a “pick up location” of either Next Day Home Delivery or Next Day Farm Pick Up.

2 Shop

Browse through our ever growing selection of pasture-raised products. Add the products you like to your order.

3 Pick Up

Based on your choice in step 1, We will either deliver your order or have it ready for you to pick up on the following day. We look forward to seeing you!

Do you want access to farm fresh food but live outside our delivery zone?

Read below to find out how to host a pickup location in your neighborhood! We will serve any location within a days drive of the farm!

This picture was taken on I-84 just East of Hartford, CT.  I was on my weekly Rhode Island Run to pick up our freshly processed chicken.  The sun is just coming up and I am dreaming of getting back to bale hay that the sun will have dried for me while I was away.

Hosting a Pickup Location is simple with huge rewards.  We will literally bring farm fresh products directly to your home!

The requirements of the host are;

Your location needs to have curbside or off street parking large enough to accommodate our delivery vehicle and the vehicles of your friends and neighbors that will be participating.  We are only onsite for about a half an hour and although some of our hosts provide a cooler for folks to come at their leisure, we encourage all customers to be prompt and on time to meet our delivery vehicle.

We ask that each Pickup Location produce a minimum of $1000 worth of orders.  Keep in mind that there is no minimum order amount per customer, but we obviously can't sustainably drive three hours to deliver a dozen eggs.  Our average customer spends around $100 for a months worth of food.  So if you feel you can drum up ten or more friends, you're in the ballpark!

Each customer signs up and orders directly through the farm website, choosing your home as their pickup location.  You as the host will not be responsible for any money exchange or food storage.

If you think this is something you'd like to try, let's give it a go!

Step 1- Place an order and meet us at an existing pickup location.  This will get you some good food to entice your friends with and allow you the opportunity to see how other pickup locations work.

Step 2-  Reach out to your family and friends and find out who's interested in eating healthy, clean food that was raised on a real farm by real people.

Step 3-  Send us an email when you feel that you have reached enough people to meet the goal.

Step 4- We will set you up as a pickup location on our website and then everyone can place their orders.

Step 5- We will arrive at your house at the scheduled time and date to hand folks their orders directly off the delivery truck. 

Step 6- Enjoy the reward of knowing you are providing a direct link from the farm to your family and friends.  It doesn't get more local and direct than this!  As a Host, in addition to linking the farm to your table, you will receive discounts on your personal orders.

And for the record... Your delivery driver will be the farmer that helped raise the very food being delivered!