The Farm New Marlborough is a small family farm with huge ambitions. Our focus is to heal and improve New Marlborough's lands through intensive rotational grazing of our animals. We build soil to feed both the earthworms below the ground and the animals above it. Our mission is simple... to grow quality food in a respectable and complementary way to both the animals and the environment and to rebuild a local food economy through education and example.

At The Farm New Marlborough we view our five hundred acre farm as a giant perennial garden and employ the best in the business to maintain it... The animals. As soil/grass farmers our diverse gardens cover over five hundred of New Marlborough’s finest acres.  We are the farmers and our animals are the gardeners. Through an intensive rotational grazing model, our cows, chickens and pigs manage our gardens by aerating, cultivating, pruning, fertilizing and sanitizing all summer long.Each animal knows exactly what role to play in this orchestrated symbiotic dance that we the farmers help choreograph. The result is healthy abundant growth, both above ground and below, the healthiest and best quality meats that can be grown, and most importantly, a regenerative model that heals the earth, air and environment and keeps the candle burning for a cleaner world for our children!

With the acquisition of the former Kolburne School in the Spring of 2017, The Farm is continuing to stretch it's legs. Both the farmers and the animals are excited to be working on the renovation of this old farm/school with the goal of returning agriculture to the village of New Marlborough.  The quintessential New England Farm practicing modern agriculture and providing real food to the residents and businesses of the region in a sustainable model.  Real Food For Real Folks!

Our Team

  • The Meat Birds
    The Meat Birds
    Head of Pasture Nutrition Management
  • The Laying Hens
    The Laying Hens
    Head of Waste Management and Egg Production
  • The Cattle
    The Cattle
    Head of Intensive Grazing and Pasture Renovation
  • The Pigs
    The Pigs
    Head of Pasture Reclamation and Forest Management