Whole or Side of Beef

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$6.00/lb. Avg. 600lb .
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Grass Fed & Finished Beef-  *TFNM Cut
Includes all conventional butchering and cryovac sealed packaging.
You can expect to receive:
Multiple Roasts- each roast is roughly 3 lbs
(bottom round, top round, eye round and chuck roasts)
Variety of Steaks-  cut 1" thick and avg. 1 lb pkgs
(sirloin, porterhouse, london broil, sirloin tip, skirt, flank, ribeye and strip steaks)
Short Ribs- 2 lb pkgs
Ground Beef- 1 lb pkgs
Stew Meat- 1 lb pkgs
Soup Shank- 1 lb pkgs
Additional parts upon Request:
beef bones, liver, heart, kidney's, tongue and ox-tail

Price is based on hanging weight.  A refundable deposit is required to reserve a whole or a side of beef.  Affordable Payment Plans can be arranged. 

We process our beef June through November, if you reserve now, we can get you in the queue giving us time to work out payment arrangements and logistics. 

After the deposit is collected your harvest date will be selected and an estimated delivery date will be scheduled. 

Please allow up to 3 weeks prior to processing for aging of meats, smoked/cured products.

All beef, pork and chicken are harvested and processed under USDA inspection. 

*TFNM Cut- these are the farm's standard cuts.  You have the option to customize your order... size and type of roasts, thickness and kind of steaks, etc...

Please email us through our contact page to get more information and to learn how to reserve your "pre-order only" whole or side of beef. 

If Freezer Space is a concern, check out our cold storage rental on our Buying Club page!