The Farm NM - A Photo Essay

January 10, 2018

By Katie Bailey: "Our day began at the old Kolburne School, where we met up with Tom Brazie and three industrious interns, to feed and water the pullets that were temporarily occupying several classrooms. He bought the school, which sits on 140 acres, last June. We chatted with the interns, Emelia Fedell, Clio Bersani and Lucy Cliff, who valued getting the opportunity to see where their food comes from, but said it was “hard work”! The latter two came to the farm via the Greenagers program, which provides outdoor jobs for Berkshire youth. Our next stop was the baseball field, where broiler chickens were moved, fed and watered daily — the chicken tractors slowly making their way towards first base. The backstop had signs with words like “caring”, “responsibility”, and “respect” — a fitting emblem for the type of farming that Tom practices...."

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Tom Brazie
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